New Single 'Sydney Lights'

Sydney Lights” speaks of looking towards the future and leaving the rest behind. Written about Jake’s own experiences of his journey transitioning from America to Australia, the beautifully melancholic track touches on the weight of not being able to travel and consequently finding a new appreciation and gratitude for your city. Jake shares, “As a result of the pandemic, a lot of us have been sitting still not being able to travel or leave the state. We have had no choice but to stay still in our homes to think and reflect. It was in that place that song was born. I remember having a deeper appreciation of Sydney. Not being able to move around to travel allowed me to fall in love with this city all over again.”

“Sydney Lights” is slow and steady, with it’s simple arrangements and organic instrumentation showing off the band's polished musicianship. With a warm, passionate and emotional vocal delivery, the track tugs at your heartstrings, resulting in a sentimental and nostalgic release. 

“Sydney Lights” is off of their highly anticipated record, which will include a collection of songs that are influenced by past pain. Explaining how the EP has acted as a form of therapy, Jake confides, “I have learned how to process grief, pain and my complicated trauma from the past in this way. I find the overall theme of this music cathartic, uplifting, and confrontational.” Inspired by the likes of The National, The 1975 and Kings of Leon, with elements of Bruce Springsteen and U2’s enrapturing storytelling, MOONWOOD have crafted a beautifully emotional, yet rugged and raw compilation of songs, which both demand your attention and deserve it too.