'Big Red Sun'

Big Red Sun

‘Big Red Sun’ is a song about seeing your friends in relationships that are tearing them apart. The song expresses the frustration of watching from the outside as someone you care about gets hurt.
This song was written when bushfires were raging across Australia, smoke filled the sky, and the blazing sun looked like a big red blur in the middle of summer.

The burnt Australian sky is a reminder of getting blinded by love in an unhealthy relationship, where the other person’s flaws become blurred.

From the inside, you’re unaware, but for people on the outside it’s crystal clear.

It’s hard to see your friends hurting and changing for the worse.

While watching it unfold,  you can get burnt too.

Contrasting to the lyrics, the feel-good sound of ‘Big Red Sun’ is easy on the ears.

With dreamy guitar leads, pulsating rhythms, and warm, spacious analog synth lines, MOONWOOD’s debut single brings a fresh take to alternative rock.