Jake's Blog

Moonwood is the place where I grew up.  Moonwood Drive; my grandparent’s house.  It was at my grandparents where I felt most at home and when I walked in, all my problems were left at the door at the door.  In there, I had a fresh start to the life I was living and it was there where I was free of worry and could escape the dramas I was so consumed by.  It was my fortress and within those walls I felt safe.

I quickly realised as I got older, that the fortress at my grandparents was not normal.  My grandparents had created an environment in which I felt so comfortable but I needed to face the uncomfortable reality outside of Moonwood Drive.  Instead, I ran.  I ran and chased a new dream all the way to Australia.  However, I still couldn’t escape reality as my grandma battled cancer and my parents separated.  As I was forced to face reality, I found the way in which I can express myself, my hurt, and also my joys and loves.

Moonwood, the band, is about six guys, coming together from all different walks of life.  Three different countries (Australia, United States, Canada), six different stories and lots of expression.  Moonwood is a space where everyone is included – sing about it, make music, and do life together.